Ways to Reduce Acne

Ways to Reduce Acne Problems

Acne is an unsightly problem that causes visible breakouts and embarrassment. Though it is thought of as a teenage problem, acne can occur at any age. Even adults can continue to suffer from breakouts. There are ways that you can prevent a break-out and keep your skin healthy and clear. Here are some tips on keeping your skin acne free.

Use Oil-Free Products

Oil is of the biggest components of acne. Dirt gets into the skin and festers causing a blemish. An oily face is one that is typically covered with pimples. Using an oil free product can help to reduce the oil accumulation. Even makeup products have oil in them and can assist in an acne problem. Avoid shampoos with conditioners, makeup with oil, and putting any lotions on the face.

Find The Best Acne Products

There are a million and one acne products on the shelves today. If you have found one that works great for you then you’re lucky. Some find that nothing seems to work. However, we can turn to nature to find the answers. Those who have an excessive time with oil and acne should try regular soap and even lemon juice. Taking a cotton swab and rubbing the face with lemon juice is amazing. It will reduce scarring and also take away blemishes. Garlic is another good natural product that can be used to remove zits. Just simply rub the garlic over the blemish.

While looking for a cleaner for your face, be sure to use a gentle cleanser. Some of the cleaners have harsh chemicals that will dry the fact out and cause more problems than acne. Depending on their chemical content, they can even cause a burn and red splotches to appear.

Resist The Urge And Don’t Pick

There are all sorts of tools nowadays that will help you remove black and white heads. However, when you pick at these pimples, you are not only increasing the chance of scaring, but you are also spreading the bacteria all over your face. Some say there is no better relief than getting rid of that unsightly whitehead, but it could cause more harm than good. You can cause the bump to be more noticeable by causing inflammation to the area, but you’re exposing bacteria to an open sore.

Modify Your Diet

Some say that you are what you eat, and better yet what you eat affects you. Some people swear that whenever they eat chocolate they break out with pimples. While some say that there is no scientific background to this, it can’t hurt to modify your diet. If you notice that certain things bring more acne to you than others, avoid the problem foods. A diet laden with greasy foods and chocolate isn’t good for you anyway.

See a Dermatologist

If the problem is really bad, a dermatologist can help. They have all sorts of prescription creams that can dry the acne up quickly. If should be reserved as a last resort, as there are plenty of over the counter and natural products to try first. Rather than make a huge mistake of waiting until it’s too late, a dermatologist can help a teen to not have horrendous acne scars that will follow them for life.

No matter what age you are, acne is a problem that no one wants to deal with. It’s embarrassing, and it seems that you can’t just have one pimple to worry about. If you are having more acne than ever before, evaluating your diet and lifestyle may help. Reduce oily products and using a gentle facial cleanser can only help.

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