Tools of Addiction Recovery

Stay on the Road to Recovery

When you’re trying to stay sober, it can be extremely difficult. Even when you’ve maintained days or months of sobriety, your triggers still surround you on a daily basis, so it’s important to know how to avoid them and manage them in a healthy way. It’s difficult to stay sober if you can’t simply relax and lead a normal life filled with happiness and purpose. Those who continue to relapse often still obsess about their drinking or using.

The Only Thing you Have to Change is Everything

If you’re trying to stay sober, you need to change your entire lifestyle. You must realize that the people you hung out with and the places you went were all associated with your drinking or using, so you must learn how to remove high-risk situations. This can be difficult at first if your core group of friends are the ones who you always drank and used with, but your personal health needs to come first. If you keep putting yourself in situations where drugs and alcohol are readily available, your chances of relapse are much higher.

These types of situations can also include environmental factors. If your biggest triggers came from your emotions, then you must look at these situations and think about removing them for your life. Many people use because they have a stressful job or toxic relationship, so if they are affecting your ability to stay sober then you must make a change. This can be difficult, but to drink or to use means that you’ll fall back into a lifestyle of unmanageability.

Learn how to be Honest

Nobody lives a perfect life, and this is especially true when you’re recovering from the disease of addiction. A major lifestyle change that you must endure is learning how to be honest with the people who care about you. Whether this is your friends and family or a therapist, you need to be honest. This can be honesty about your feelings, past or emotions, but it can also mean honesty about the things you have done. If you’re keeping dark secrets, they can eat at you, which will eventually lead to a relapse.

Find a Support Group

Leaving your friends or significant other behind can be difficult, but what is even more difficult is discovering that they didn’t really care about you. You must find a support group who understands that you can’t drink or use no matter what in order to live a better life. One of the best places to find this support is at an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

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