The Best Exercises for Arthritis

Exercises You Can Do Even with Arthritis

People who suffer from arthritis often have trouble finding exercises that work for them, but the key is finding ones that are low-impact, but also help you with strength training. With the following exercises, there’s absolutely no need to let your arthritis keep you from being active and healthy.

1. The Chair Stand

The Chair Stand involves grabbing a chair, sitting down in it, and then standing back up over and over. It’s important to do this in a controlled manner – not too fast or too slow. With 10 – 15 reps, your legs will start building and maintaining muscle quickly.

2. Yoga

Yoga can be one of the best workouts for people with arthritis. It focuses on relaxation and stretching, which is truly key in maintaining your health. Due to the amount of stretching involved in this exercise, it is particularly beneficial to your mobility and movement. Many gyms and studios offer light yoga classes that focus just on stretching, balance, and relaxation, so check to see if any are available near you.

3. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting offers benefits to just about anyone, but it’s especially good for people with arthritis because it allows them to control the intensity very easily. Start with some bicep and tricep curls with 10 – 15 reps to keep up your upper body strength. Once you get more used to it, you can find even more types of weight lifting exercises that work out the rest of your body.

4. Water Walking

Water walking is great cardio option for people with arthritis. It is easy to adopt a sedentary lifestyle due to the pain of arthritis, but because water walking is so gentle on the joints, it’s much easier to stay moving. All you have to do is get in waist or chest level water and walk as your normally would. Later you can add variations like walking backwards, sideways, etc.

One of the most important parts about exercising with arthritis is resting often and listening to your body. If you are having a flare-up, it is recommended that you take a few days off so as not to continue to irritate your body. After that, you can get back in the game, but it’s best to rest and not just try to push through the pain. Your body knows what it needs.

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