Tests for Neuropathy

There are Several Different Ways to Test for Neuropathy

Those who are getting older or who have certain medical conditions may worry about neuropathy. This is a condition in which the nerves in the body have been damaged to the point that it begins to cause numbness, weakness and tingling. In many cases, neuropathy can lead to a painful stabbing sensation, leading those who are suffering to reach out to doctors for help. Those who are wondering if they may be suffering from this problem will want to reach out to doctors to get neuropathy tests.

There are several different ways to test for this condition. Depending on the symptoms, a doctor may require a neurological test. This will test not only those specific nerves, but check on the well-being of muscle and the ability that each patient has to feel specific sensations. These are less invasive tests, and they often are accompanied by taking a medical history.

If these more basic tests are not conclusive, a doctor may then move to take a biopsy of the nerves themselves. With the actual sample, it will become clear whether or not the nerves in the hands or the feet are damaged. Doctors may also do a biopsy if they are unsure what is causing the neuropathy, in order to learn what is causing the damage. A slightly less invasive type of biopsy will take only the ending of the nerves off of the skin and inspect those for damage.

Those who are concerned that these tests are too invasive may also want to consider having a nerve function or imaging tests. These can look at the problems that could be causing the impaired function, such as bulging discs in the back or anything else that could be abnormal. A simple nerve function test can less invasively confirm that there is some damage to the nerves, but it will be less useful in determining what caused the damage.

Other diseases like diabetes increase the risk of nerve damage and neuropathy. Those who have those conditions should consult with a neurologist and see what tests are needed to diagnose any problems or to improve nerve function.

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