Prostate Cancer Treatment

Effective Ways to Treat Prostate Cancer

Currently, there are several prostate cancer treatment options. Before a doctor decides on a treatment plan, he will take several things into consideration. He will need to know the size of the tumor and how far the cancer has advanced. He will also determine how fast the tumor is likely to expand. After studying this information and the patient’s health profile, the doctor will offer the patient a variety of treatment options. Here are the most common medical interventions used to treat prostate cancer and alternative treatment methods.


If the cancer is in a later stage, the doctor might suggest surgery as a treatment option. During surgery, cancer will be removed from the prostate. The doctor may remove the whole prostate if the cancer has caused extensive damage.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation is used to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells in the prostate. The type of radiation treatment used will depend on how far the cancer has spread throughout the body. The cancer cells are destroyed using high-energy particles.

Hormone Therapy

Hormones in the body can give cancer cells energy. Doctors can prescribe prostate cancer medications to lower certain hormones. When the patient takes medications, cancer cells are not able to gain energy from hormones.


Prostate cancer chemotherapy drugs are taken orally or intravenously. The medication shrinks tumors and attacks cancer cells. Chemotherapy is used when the cancer has spread past the prostate and hormone therapy has failed.

Biologic Therapy and Bisphosphonate Therapy

In advanced stages of prostate cancer, the doctor may prescribe prostate cancer advanced treatments to strengthen the patient’s immune system. If the cancer spreads to the patient’s bones, the doctor can prescribe Bisphosphonate therapy for pain relief and to prevent cracked bones.

Side Effects and Alternative Treatments

Side effects from treatment plans can include problems with bowel movements, erectile dysfunction, infertility and loss of bladder control. If side effects are too difficult to handle, the doctor may prescribe a different treatment plan. There has been research into alternative prostate cancer treatments, and Saw Palmetto has been shown to shrink an enlarged prostate, but scientists have not labeled Saw Palmetto as an effective treatment for prostate cancer.

Studies have shown eating a diet rich in lycopene containing foods can have a positive effect on prostate health. Pomegranate juice has also been proven to increase prostate health.

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