Preventing Acne Scars

How to Avoid Acne Scarring and Skin Damage

Acne scars can happen to anyone, and they often follow you through life with obvious damage cast across your face. There are ways to stop acne scarring from occurring, but you must be diligent about your skin care. Skin damage occurs each day as the sun and basic aging plague your body. Follow a few simple steps to prevent acne scars for smooth skin in the future.

Hands Off

When you see a pimple forming, it’s often a natural reflex to touch it. You may want to pop it and avoid that unsightly whitehead. However, you need to keep your hands off of your face. Regardless of how clean your hands might be, there are always natural oils on them. When you touch your face, these oils transfer to your skin. Facial pores take in these oils and any cellular debris. In fact, it’s possible to worsen your acne by touching your face because the oils from your hands fill other pores and blocks them.

Seek Treatment

If you ignore acne altogether, it might cause scars from neglect. When acne is more than just a few pimples several times a month, seek the help of a dermatologist. These professionals can prescribe medication that’s not found in drug stores. You might receive an oral medication that helps your body regulate sweat glands and hormones, for example. Dermatologists also have the tools to physically remove blockages from your pores. With frequent visits, your doctor will clean out as many pores as possible in order to reduce the number of pimples that develop at all.

Employ Topical Agents

Your dermatologist might prescribe a topical agent, but you can also find these medications at local stores. Look for ingredients that directly treat acne, such as hydrogen peroxide. Although these topicals aren’t cures for acne, they’ll significantly reduce the inflammation on your face which leads to scars. Follow the directions on the topical too. If you use it too much, such as three times a day, you might dry out your face. Extreme skin conditions will encourage more pimples to develop.

Gently Wash Your Face

Because pimples are caused by sweat and skin blockages within the pores, many sufferers scrub their faces so that all of the oils are removed. However, this practice only increases your acne and scarring chances. Save your face-cleaning procedure until the morning and evening. Using a mild cleanser, gently rub your skin with your fingers or a soft washcloth. Don’t use any aggressive motions on your face. Your dermatologist might even prescribe a cleanser that’s well-suited to your body chemistry. Rinse the cleaners off, and apply any topicals that you need on your skin. Gentle cleansing contributes to balanced skin and fewer pimples.

Stay in the Shade

Sunlight is widely known to cause skin cancer and premature aging, but it can also aggravate acne and scarring. As the ultraviolet rays strike your skin, they’re heating up the tissues. Your pimples become even more inflamed and excess sweat breaks out on your face. Between the sunlight damage and sweaty conditions, you’ll probably develop more acne and cause scarring to occur. As a protective measure, wear sunscreen that’s approved for acne-prone skin. If you must be in the sun, wear a hat so that you can avoid direct contact with the ultraviolet rays. You’ll stay cooler too.

Taking care of acne isn’t just about your physical appearance because potential scars can negatively affect your self-esteem too. Parents should teach their children and teens about proper skin care and take them to the appropriate doctor. In the end, every growing individual can have relatively clear skin with positive self-images as well.

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