Prevent Depression Relapse

Prevent Depression Relapse with Lifestyle Changes and Continued Treatment

When you’re trying to prevent a depression relapse, it’s important that you try a few different strategies to see what works best. Although you may be working with a qualified therapist on a regular basis to talk through your issues, they won’t be around all the time. You must find other ways to treat your depression as well.

Put off Major Decisions

Until you or your therapist thinks you are ready, you should definitely try to put off major decisions. These types of decisions can include switching jobs, moving or big financial decisions. When they don’t go your way, it can difficult to avoid blame and not be hard on yourself.

Watch Your Diet

One of the best ways to avoid a depression relapse is to ensure that you’re eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise as well. When you exercise, your body releases a natural chemical called endorphins, which stimulate your brain and puts you in a better mood. Eating healthy will also make your body feel a lot better, which leads to feeling better mentally as well. Overeating can lead to weight gain and symptoms of depression, so a steady diet can help you avoid this situation.

Continued Treatment is Important

There are a variety of ways to manage your depression, but it may never be fully cured. Continued treatment will help you when you need it the most because your therapist will be able to track your progress and let you know how you’re doing. If it seems as though you’re about to fall victim to a depression relapse, the therapist can often help you see the signs before it reaches this point. If you see the therapist after your relapse, then they will be able to offer you suggestions about what you can now do differently to manage your depression and prevent the situation again in the future.

Working With Others is the Best Antidote

The best way to stop worrying about your problems is to help others. It may seem like this method wouldn’t work because you’re not focusing on yourself, but it really is the best thing you can do. By helping someone else with their problems, you’re able to forget about your own and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment by lending a listening ear to a loved one who is going through a hard time. Always remember that your experience, strength and hope can be the best help you can offer anybody.

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