Osteoporosis Complications

Complications You Could Face If You Have Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can cause a range of complications all stemming from the issue of low bone density. Some of the complications can be managed although they are not pleasant. Others can potentially be life threatening. Here are some of the complications someone with osteoporosis could face.

Frequent Bone Fractures

The main and most common complication that can arise from osteoporosis is frequent fracturing of your bones. This can occur anywhere in your body. People often fracture wrists, ankles and arms. Back and hip fractures can be incredible serious and debilitating. The fractures in places like your spine might start occurring even if you do not fall or hit anything. They could occur purely due to low bone density and the pressure of supporting your body.

Constant Pain

Another possible complication is constant pain once your osteoporosis advances. The pain most often appears in your back. This is because people with osteoporosis are likely to have spinal fractures, compressed discs or other problems. The pain can be very intense. It could grow worse over time. Eliminating the pain completely can be difficult or impossible in many cases.

Persistent Weakness

Your muscles rely on your bones in order to be as strong as possible. Osteoporosis weakens your bones causing your muscles to operate less effectively. They can even atrophy to a degree given time. This is why persistent weakness is a potential complication of osteoporosis. You might start to experience weakness that makes it hard to grip things, lift items or perform normal tasks around the home.

Limited Mobility

The effects of osteoporosis can result in limited mobility if the disease advances very far. Fractures, pain and brittle bones can all make it almost impossible for someone to move around normally. This means you could end up confined to a wheelchair or a bed. You might end up with a disability because you can no longer use your hands and legs to do a job.

Blood Clots

Someone who has severe osteoporosis is not going to be very active. Constant fractures with months of recovery time could leave someone almost always in a hospital bed during the year. A complication that can come from this is blood clots. The clots can form in your veins because your blood is not circulating due to inactivity. The clots could even cause serious problems if they break free and travel to your lungs or heart.


The most serious complication that can occur from osteoporosis is death. This can happen in a variety of ways. Brittle bones breaking can hit internal organs. Fractures can cause indirect problems like internal bleeding or infections that will kill the person. The chance of death due to complications related to osteoporosis grows gradually as a person experience more fractures and other issues.

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