Lung Cancer Facts

Important Facts About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a condition that occurs when an abnormal cluster of cells develop inside of the lungs. Because this is one of the most common forms of cancer, it is important for everyone to learn all that they can about it. Below is a list of some of the important facts about lung cancer:

More People Die From Lung Cancer Than Any Other Form Of Cancer

More people die from lung cancer than prostate cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer combined. Approximately 150,000 people in America die from lung cancer each year. Additionally, nearly one-third of cancer deaths are caused by lung cancer.

Anyone Can Develop Lung Cancer

Most people who develop lung cancer are smokers. Radon exposure and family history can also increase the risk of lung cancer. However, it is important to note that this condition can affect anyone.

The Chances Of Developing Lung Cancer Increases With Age

Lung cancer can develop at any age. However, it typically develops in the elderly. In fact, 82 percent of lung cancer patients are over the age of 60.

The Five-Year Lung Cancer Survival Rate Is Low

The five-year lung cancer survival rate is 17.8 percent. This is much lower than the survival rate for breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. The five-year survival rate is 54 percent for people whose cancers are detected in the early stages. However, only 15 percent of lung cancer cases are diagnosed in the early stages.

There Are Many Treatments Available

Treatments can prolong a person’s life. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are some of the standard treatments. There are also clinical trials being conducted to test treatments that can be used in the future. The stage of your cancer and your overall health are factors that doctors have to consider when they are choosing a treatment for you.

There May Not Be Any Symptoms During The Early Stages

One of the reasons that people are typically not diagnosed with cancer until the later stages is because they do not notice any symptoms. People typically do not have symptoms until the lung cancer is advanced. Chest pain, headaches, wheezing and unexplained weight loss are some of the possible symptoms that a person may experience if they have lung cancer. It is important to schedule an appointment with your physician if you notice anything unusual.

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