Lifestyle Habits to Support Long-term Addiction Recovery

Changes You Can Make In Your Lifestyle To Increase Your Chances Of Staying Sober

Looking at the percentage of people who relapse can discourage anyone. Research suggests that over 50 percent of people relapse one year after their treatment. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your chances of relapsing. Below is a list of some of the essential lifestyle changes that you can make:

Eat Well

One of the things you can do to boost your chances of staying sober is to follow a healthy diet. Eating healthy can help repair cells and tissues that may have been damaged because of your addiction. It is also easier for you to handle stress when you eat well. Stress is one of the reasons that many people end up relapsing.

Sleep Well

Resting is not only essential for your health, but it also increases your chances of staying sober. It is important for you to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. It is a lot easier for you to cope with stress when you are getting the proper amount of rest.

Develop New Friendships

The people you hang out with can be one of the factors that determines whether or not you are able to stay sober. If you hang out with people who are using drugs or alcohol, then it will be a lot harder to stay sober. Hanging out with friends who encourage you and keep you on the right track will help you remain sober.

There are a variety of ways you can make friends. For example, you can join a support group of recovering addicts. In addition to making new friends, you will also need to rebuild relationships that you had with friends and family members who were hurt by your addiction.

Develop New Hobbies

Many people who had an addiction centered all of their time and attention around feeding that addiction. You can fill your time with something positive by developing new interests and hobbies. Reading, sports, painting and fishing are examples of positive hobbies that can be fulfilling.

Stay Active

Exercising is one of the ways that you can maintain long-term sobriety. Not only does exercise enhance your physical health, but it can also help you maintain a sharp mind. Furthermore, help stimulate the production of endorphins, which are often called feel good hormones. You may want to consider joining a fitness club. You can also join a running or walking club. This will allow you to meet other people who are committed to staying healthy.

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