Keep Active to Prevent Diabates

Creative Ways to Increase Activity and Avoid Diabetes

Regular physical activity is frequently one of the primary suggestions for people who are at risk of developing diabetes. This is because glucose levels in the blood drop during exercise, and sensitivity to insulin increases. When people exercise often, their muscles consistently use glucose. This can help those individuals maintain lower blood sugar readings. Even if exercise has never been a passion, there are many creative ways to increase activity and improve physical fitness.

Disguising exercise as something else is an effective way to add activity to a routine that is too sedentary. Some activities are more traditional, while some are more imaginative. There are three particular strategies for physical activity that barely seem like exercise at all.

1. Traditional Tricks

One common trick is to take the stairs if the number of floors up is reasonable. When a much higher floor is required, take the stairs one or two flights up, and then find the elevator. When going down, try for more flights of stairs before turning to the elevator. When the destination is close enough, a person can choose to walk instead of drive. Another piece of advice is don t sit for long periods of time. Deliberately keep certain things out of reach, forcing more frequent reasons to stand and move. It can also be fun to play music and dance a little while cleaning around the house.

2. Kid Games

Grabbing a ball and playing catch with the kids or grandkids can be a fun way to get moving and get the muscles engaged. If a game of tag is too much, try a backyard ring or bean bag toss. In hot weather, a game of water balloon dodgeball can be an exhilarating and enjoyable way to be active.

3. Pet Games

As long as everyone knows the rules, playing fetch or tug-of-war can be a pleasant way to move around and put the muscles to work. If long walks with the dog are not feasible, shorter ones are still beneficial. Also consider a game of puppy soccer. This is when the ball is kicked away rather than thrown. Large balls are harder to accidentally step on, and they can keep the dog and the human healthily scrambling.

Making a habit of fun activities is a great way to stealthily add exercise to an otherwise idle lifestyle. This type of exercise adds energy and joy to life. It also helps at-risk individuals avoid developing diabetes.

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