Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Psoriasis

Easing Your Psoriasis and Discomfort the Natural Way

Maybe you have thought that the best way to manage your psoriasis is to avoid triggers that may cause a flare up, but with some trial and error, you can find some home remedies that will ease your symptoms.

There is a wide range of lifestyle changes and homemade or natural recipes that can positively impact your well-being and condition. From essential oils to meditation, implementing changes in your life can have a positive outcome. It’s important to only try a few things at a time, in case of adverse reaction, but also to be able to pinpoint what works for you.

Keeping your skin clean and free of infection is an important first step. Taking daily baths can help provide moisture that your skin needs. Using dead sea salts. Epsom salts or oatmeal bath mixes can provide an added dose of skin calming agents. While it may be tempting on a cold morning to take a very hot shower or bath, it’s best to keep the water only warm because if it’s too hot, it can actually dry out your skin more.

Something else to consider is mixing a few drops of essential oil into your bath. Tea Tree oil has been found to help ease psoriatic symptoms for some people, and can be added to the bath along with other oils that may have de-stressing properties, such as mint or citrus. Essential oils can also be mixed with carrier oils such as olive oil to use as a topical moisturizer.

After your bath, it’s time to lock in the moisture. Using creams or oils will keep your skin supple and less prone to irritation. Olive or coconut oil can be used, as well as thick creams. Anything containing an emollient, such as shea or cocoa butter, will become a barrier to environmental irritants and sooth your skin. If you have a bothersome lesion later in the day, a mix of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water can be applied to the lesion to ease itchiness and provide a cooling relief.

Getting outside can do wonders for your skin and well-being. Walking in nature can improve your mood and ease daily stress. Vitamin D from the sunlight can also prove helpful to your condition. Exercise can reduce stress and inflammation.

This condition can leave you feeling powerless at times as it can seem to have a mind of its own, but being proactive and taking control of your psoriasis will help you feel empowered. It will have a positive effect on your well-being which may translate to improvements in your skin. Trying new remedies and habits can lead to a more manageable skin condition.

While you’re adding beneficial changes to your life, you may find some things that you want to decrease or cut out of your life to help improve your skin. Some people find that heat may irritate their psoriasis. It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing and even avoiding hot and spicy foods can help decrease inflammation. Stress has been known as a trigger for many people as well. Practicing meditation can help keep you calm throughout the day as well as during high stress situations.

Putting some of these remedies into practice will help you take control of your skin and hopefully lead to a more comfortable co-existence with your psoriasis!

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