Good Posture Promotes Healthy Joints

If You’re A Sloucher, You Could Be Harming Yourself

Does the stress of the day always leave you slouching as if your spine is made of jelly? If you find yourself having difficulty standing up straight, you may be at risk for developing unhealthy joints!

Standing Straight and Tall

When you sink into your favorite chair at home and flip on the TV, you probably are doing anything but sitting up straight. If you find yourself a crumpled mess on the loveseat, you better think about straightening out your back. When your back is straight, your whole body falls into alignment.

Your spine is quite literally the backbone to your body’s stance. When you are standing tall and erect, not only is your spinal cord aligned, but you support knees that can often be the starting point for pain for many.

Good Posture Supports Your Muscles Too

Support in the back is crucial to the quality care of your muscles as well. When your back is in alignment, your muscles are able to do their job: support your joints! Your muscles play a big role in keeping your joints aligned and in place. If you are always slouching, however, your muscles do not feel as though they have to do their job. They become too soft and lax.

By standing up straight, you are making your muscles work to support your joints. Your joints rely on the support of your muscles. When you make it a habit of repeatedly correcting your posture, you are strengthening your muscles, and in turn enabling them to help you keep your joints in good shape too.

Cartilage Wear and Tear

If you already have problems with too little cushioning (cartilage) between your joints, you know know painful that can be. Commonly known as arthritis, this condition can be debilitating. By ensuring you have good posture at all times, you will be putting your joints in the position they should be, so the rubbing of bone on bone will be lessened.

Do A Favor For Your Body

Whether you already have a condition of the joints or you are completely healthy, but realize you slouch more than you should, practicing good posture will be a healthy choice for your body all around. You will be doing your part to keeping your body in the best condition it can be!

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