Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

The Guaranteed Way To Beat Arthritis

Eating well has every advantage against arthritis. It is the first line of defense, for as soon as certain foods are avoided, the difference can be felt immediately. It’s like the body can suddenly breath after being smothered by junk food!

Junk food means any food that metabolizes into acidic waste in the body. That means:

  • fried food,
  • refined carbohydrates,
  • salt and
  • dairy.

This stuff digests into toxic by-products instead of nutrients. The body is trying to metabolize food that it isn’t compatible with. Now, where do these toxins go from here? The blood.

These toxins circulate in the blood, get stuck in the joints and accumulate. Pools of uric acid, lactic acid, ammonia and other residues of cellular activity stagnate in the joints, causing blood circulation to slow down considerably. The toxins are not being carried out by the blood quicker than they are being replaced, and the joints begin to swell.

Over time, these toxins eat away at and corrode the surrounding tissue. This, paired with swelling, is what causes so much pain.

Eating Healthy to Beat Arthritis

If you really want to beat arthritis, it is extremely important to refrain from consuming foods that generate acids. Alcohol and tobacco are in this category as well. These foods contribute to the inflammation, swelling and pain of arthritis. Indeed, they may even be the cause of it.

Fried food may taste delicious, but there is nothing nutritional about it. In fact, it is practically poisonous in the long term. Cooked in rancid oils, fried food generates free radicals, which also contribute to inflammation.

Refined carbohydrates are foods that have been stripped of their beneficial fiber. They include flours, pasta, white bread and white rice. They easily break down into sugar which can trigger an arthritis flare-up.

Salt doesn’t have to be completely avoided. Since sodium attracts water, it has a tendency to raise the blood pressure, and consequently the arthritic swelling. In very small amounts, high quality sea salt actually contains minerals that the body needs.

It comes down to an acid-alkaline balance. While eliminating the acidic foods, eat more foods that alkalize the blood and body. Regularly drinking fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices is one of the best ways to alkalize the body, flush toxins from the blood and stop the pain at its source.

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