Exercise to Keep Your Mind Sharp After Addiction

Exercise to Keep Your Mind Sharp after Addiction

It is a well known fact that exercise alleviates depression for many reasons. The focus that is required from setting goals during exercise improves memory, reduces stress and helps you to look better as well. Here are some of the best exercises that you can do when you have decided that you are replacing addictive habits with healthy ones.


Believe it or not, yoga is a strength training exercise that encourages the growth of new cells. Many of these new cells will be cells that have the express purpose of bringing new information to your brain. Instead of bringing information that concerns drugs or alcohol to your brain, you will be bringing information about goal oriented exercise to it.

Yoga also helps to improve the blood flow to your brain. Your brain-derived neurotrophic factor also helps to increase the lifespan of nerve cells.


The need to think seven or eight moves ahead when playing chess against a worthy opponent will focus your brain in ways that many other board games cannot. Chess is unique in that it has many outcomes that rely completely on your ability to regard your current situation. You must maintain a great deal of focused brain activity in order to succeed.

The best part about playing chess today is that you do not even have to seek out a human opponent. There are many free chess algorithms that you can play online at any time. Simply Google the subject in order to get started right now!

Playing music

The physical and mental activity of learning an instrument is virtually unmatched by any other discipline. There is timing, posture and technique involved. You must learn how to think on the fly as well as follow a set structure when you are playing. This is like candy for your brain, and it will also keep your mind off of addictive substances.

One of the best parts about the brain is that it is one of the most resilient organs in the body. If you feed your brain new information, then you are basically creating an entirely new organ from scratch. Give yourself the advantage of the above three activities. Give yourself the additional challenge of finding other activities that challenge your brain in order to keep your mind away from addictive substances!

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