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Important Facts About Lung Cancer Lung cancer is a condition that occurs when an abnormal cluster of cells develop inside of the lungs. Because this is one of the most common forms of cancer, it is important for everyone to learn all that they can about it. Below is a list of some of the important facts about lung cancer: More People Die From Lung Cancer Than Any Other Form Of Cancer More people die from lung cancer than prostate cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer combined. Approximately 150,000 people

What You Need to Know to Survive Lung Cancer Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases known to man. The survival rate for lung cancer is only a little over 50 percent. However, that is only for cases that are detected early enough. To survive this disease, a person needs to know how to prevent it and detect it. The top risk factor for developing lung cancer is smoking. If you aren’t a smoker, you could still be at risk. This is due to the fact that the

Plenty of Life Left to Live A lung cancer diagnosis is one that can be intense and devastating for the majority of people. However, life can retain its vibrancy and meaning when you understand your options for caring for yourself and moving ahead with treatment in this face of this terrible disease. There is a new treatment for lung cancer waiting in clinical trails along with several traditional approaches that can be very effective when it comes to minimizing damage and engaging healing. Along with lifestyle changes and other forms

The Different Stages of Lung Cancer Patients who suffer from lung cancer are generally afflicted with one of two types: SCLC (small cell lung cancer) or NSCLC (non-small cell lug cancer). Healthcare professionals determine stages of cancer by examining patients and identifying whether the disease is local or has expanded to other organs or the lymph nodes. In early stages, cancer is often hard for healthcare professionals and patients to detect because its symptoms are not noticeable. For example, minor symptoms from early stage lung cancer could be mistaken for

Common Causes of Lung Cancer Lung cancer causes more than one million deaths annually. The cancer can start anywhere in the lungs, and it can rapidly spread to other parts of the body. Here are the primary causes of lung cancer in the United States. Smoking More than half of all lung cancer diagnosis are attributed to tobacco use. The rate of cancer increases with the amount of cigarettes smoked per day. Doctors factor in the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the number of years a person has