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Does Alcohol Lead to Liver Cancer? Many people know that abuse of alcohol can lead to such damage to the liver that it puts the organ at risk for cancer. But why does that happen? The liver is an organ that removes toxins from the body, and ethanol can be thought of as a type of poison the liver has to break down and remove. This is why alcohol coming into contact with the cells of the liver is inevitable after a person’s had a drink. Role of Acetaldehyde Medical

Learning About Liver Cancer Many people do not experience any signs of liver cancer in its earliest stages, which can make it difficult to diagnose until it’s in the advanced stages. Fortunately, there are many treatment options that can help you fight liver cancer once it has been diagnosed. Liver cancer occurs when the cells in the liver develop mutations (changes) to their DNA. DNA provides directions for every chemical process that occurs in your body. Mutations to DNA change the instructions it provides. As a result, cells may begin

5 Ways to Prevent Liver Cancer Liver cancer is a frightening disease, but a little bit of prevention can go a long way in ensuring you don’t develop this condition. While you can’t always control whether or not you get cancer – for instance, sometimes people develop cancer because of their genetics – a healthy lifestyle can help you live a long and cancer-free life. Here are five ways you can cut down your odds of developing liver cancer during your lifetime. 1. Protect yourself from hepatitis B and C.

Responsibly Identifying Kidney Cancer Symptoms Kidney cancer, medically speaking renal cell carcinoma, has various manifestations leading to extreme levels of fatigue, weight loss, and back pain in more than 50,000 people diagnosed with it in the United States last year. While some kidney cancer patients are not diagnosed until their cancer has metastasized to other areas of the body, for many, the diagnosis is not necessary the end-of-the-road. Modern advancements in surgical procedures, promising treatment options and diagnostic protocol have changed the outlook for many with cancer of the kidneys.

Common Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer Kidney cancer becomes more common with age, typically affecting adults in their 60s and 70s. Also called ‘renal cancer’, it is rare in individuals under the age of 50. When caught early, the prognosis can be quite positive. Early detection can be a challenge, though, as there are no obvious symptoms from the outset. When symptoms are exhibited, they can include blood in the urine, persistent pain in the sides and/or lower back, or a swelling in the side. Often times, kidney cancer may

The Stages of Kidney Cancer If you’ve received a kidney cancer diagnosis, one of the first steps toward treatment is to determine the stage of your cancer. This process, known as staging, gives your doctor a way to categorize your condition in terms of location as well as the extent to which it has spread. This process also helps your doctor determine effective treatments. In addition to determine the trajectory for treatment, staging also enables your doctor to give you a more accurate determination of recovery or outlook. Outlook is

Treating Renal Cell Carcinoma Kidney Cancer Renal cell carcinoma is the most common type of kidney cancer. It causes cells to divide at an aggressive rate, so a tumor forms on one of the kidneys. It is rare that a person will develop tumors on both of their kidneys simultaneously. More often than not, patients don’t realize that they have cancer until the tumor has grown to be fairly large. Luckily, this type of cancer has a high rate of survival if it is caught in its early stages though.

The Symptoms, Treatment and Prospects for Kidney Cancer Kidney cancer is one of the 10 most common cancers in the United States. There will be nearly 64,000 cases of kidney cancer diagnosed in 2017, and the majority of them will be older men. Most kidney cancers are diagnosed in people over 60. It’s very rare in younger people. About 14,400 people will die of kidney cancer. The risk of getting this type of cancer throughout a person’s lifetime is about 1 in 63. Kidney Cancer Symptoms Symptoms of kidney cancer

All About Melanoma and Treating the Disease One of the most common types of cancer that affects millions of Americans each year is melanoma. Melanoma is the most serious kind of skin cancer. It develops in cells called melanocytes that produce melanin, which is responsible for giving the skin its color. Melanoma can develop not only on your skin but in the eyes and even internal organs in rare instances. Taking a look at melanoma pictures is important if you have any kind of outstanding mole or moles anywhere on

The Reality Of Melanoma Individuals with melanoma have cancer of the skin that begins as melanocytes. These are cells on the body that create moles. It’s important to remember not all moles develop melanoma. Different melanoma types can occur on various parts of the body. There are melanoma signs a person should look for on their body Types Of Melanoma There are three main melanoma types. Mucosal: This occurs in the body’s mucous membranes. This includes throat, mouth, nasal passages and more. Cutaneous: This is melanoma of the skin. It

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