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Bladder Control Issues: What Causes It Urinary incontinence is a common health condition where the patient experiences a lack of bladder control. While bladder problems can occur in anyone, they are more typical in women and older people. Bladder issues are often a symptom of other more serious medical conditions. Here are some possible underlying causes for a lack of bladder control. Urinary Tract Infections UTIs occur when the urethra is infected by bacteria. Because women tend to have smaller urethras, tract infections happen more often in women. Symptoms of

When the Urinary Isn’t Ordinary Despite the bladder being an astoundingly resilient piece of human anatomy, it’s not immune to dysfunction. Nearly 13 million Americans experience bladder control issues. Urinary incontinence isn’t ethnically, age or gender specific. Bladder control issues occur when the bladder muscles contract suddenly or when the sphincter muscle is weakened, losing the ability to hold back urine. This causes involuntary urine leakage. Reasons for urinary incontinence range from muscle atrophy, pregnancy, illness, lifestyle and diet. Since there are so many factors, different types of bladder control

The Lowdown on Bladder Control Incontinence can negatively affect the quality of life for both men and women, but fortunately there are a variety of products available to provide relief. For men, options include catheters, specialty underwear, and urine guards. Women have an even wider variety of treatments and products available, including bladder control pads, specialty underwear, and pessaries. Options for Men While it may seem that most advertising focuses on bladder control products for women, many men suffer from this condition. There are a multitude of treatment options, and

Why Investigating the Causes of Bladder Control Issues Matters Around the world, literally millions of people suffer from bladder control issues every day. Although popular culture in the United States sometimes views the topic as a source of ribald humor or embarrassment, some very important reasons exist for checking into the causes of this symptom. If you know someone who has experienced an unexplained bladder control problem, urge that person to consider obtaining a medical evaluation of the issue from a licensed physician. Young And Old Both very young people

How to Avoid Bladder Control Problems Incontinence is a frustrating ailment that affects more women than men on average. You might be walking across your home, and an accident occurs. To combat these incontinence problems, it’s critical to be aware of their core causes. Prevent bladder control issues by taking care of your body and being aware of your actions. Both your physical and mental well-being will improve as a result. Stay Hydrated Drinking water isn’t going to aggravate your incontinence. In fact, staying hydrated helps your bladder remain at