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Drug and Alcohol Addiction If you’re suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, it can seem like you’re in a hopeless situation. It’s common for an addict to have feelings of guilt, shame and regret due to what they have done in their addiction, but it’s important that you remember you’re a sick person. Addicts aren’t bad people. They just suffer from an overwhelming craving and dependence to their substance of choice. How People Become Addicted Through years of studies and addiction treatment, doctors have discovered that addicts actually suffer

Arthritis is a progressive joint condition that affects an estimated 50 million people in the United States. Many people feel that arthritis is simply a product of old age. The fact is that a number of factors can contribute to the onset of arthritis pain and stiffness. The medical community is beginning to understand a great deal about this common condition, and a number of effective treatments are available. Understanding Arthritis The term “arthritis” actually refers to over a hundred different disorders that cause deterioration and damage to the joints

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