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Avoid Drugs and Alcohol to Manage Depression Addiction is a cunning and baffling disease that alters the mind in quite a few ways. Not only do you become dependent to mind-altering substances, but the damage being done to your brain can often make you exhibit symptoms of mental illness as well. One of the most common symptoms of mental illness that addicts endure is depression. Side Effects of Long-Term Substance Abuse No matter what type of substances you’ve been abusing, they can act as a depressant. Alcohol, opiates and benzodiazepines

Prevent Depression Relapse with Lifestyle Changes and Continued Treatment When you’re trying to prevent a depression relapse, it’s important that you try a few different strategies to see what works best. Although you may be working with a qualified therapist on a regular basis to talk through your issues, they won’t be around all the time. You must find other ways to treat your depression as well. Put off Major Decisions Until you or your therapist thinks you are ready, you should definitely try to put off major decisions. These

Taking Responsibility for your Happiness How much time do you take to work on your mind and try maintain a positive attitude? Do you ever find yourself spiraling from negativity surrounding your life? This is how people fall victim to their own depression. But you have the power to change your mental situation, through internal reflection, self-awareness, and mental effort. At its base, depression is caused by a hormonal imbalance in our brains. Some people suffer from situational depression, which can be caused by a variety of unfortunate and unplanned

Make a Plan to Avoid Depression Keep your decisions simple and plan out your life to keep from being overwhelmed and depressed. Keep It Minimal Over the years, you’ve accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you own. There are many justifications for keeping an old t-shirt or a ‘just-in-case’ pair of shoes. You need to reserve affection for people and pets, not objects. Do this by cutting out the clutter. It’s going to be hard, but you’ll feel relieved once

Exercise Releases Endorphins To Eliminate Depression and Elevate Mood Daily exercise lightens depression. When you are depressed or feeling anxious, the last thing you may want to do is exercise, but knowing that it is a healing tool can keep you motivated. Emergency room depression and panic attacks are no fun, but anxiety can be conquered, and you can return to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things to consider: Physical Activity Lightens Depression Endorphins are released by your body when you exercise. These are chemicals that give you a