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The Trials of Having a Loved One with Alcoholism Having a loved one who is dealing with alcoholism is a difficult challenge, whether it’s a member of your family, a close friend, a spouse, or a child. No matter who the alcoholic in your life is, the steps for dealing with them are usually the same. Don’t Blame Yourself The most vital thing is to not blame yourself. As much as no one can stop anyone else from being an alcoholic, no one else is truly responsible for the addiction

A Closer Look at Alcoholism Alcoholism is a medical condition in which alcohol is compulsively, chronically abused. This condition is one of addiction, and has a long history of treatment as a social ill rather than as a physical and mental illness. But with the ubiquity and acceptance of casual alcohol use, it can be challenging to determine if a problem exists. What Is Alcoholism? By definition, chronic alcoholism is present when an individual’s use of the substance is characterized by craving, increased tolerance, physical dependence, and loss of control

The First Steps to the 12 Steps Coming to the decision that you need to get treatment for alcoholism can be a long, difficult journey. Many alcoholics must hit rock bottom before they are willing to accept that they are powerless over their addiction and that they are ready to start their course toward healing and sobriety. Deciding You’re Ready The first step is, of course, admitting that you have a problem. As stated before, most alcoholics need to hit rock bottom to decide that they can’t continue on the

How Alcoholism Affects the Whole Family Alcoholism causes stress, anger, and hurt for the whole family – not just for the person who is an alcoholic. While it’s well known that alcoholism can destroy an individual’s health, career, and self-esteem, this disease also ruins relationships and marriages. This article looks at the ways alcohol addiction affects families. The Alcoholic’s Spouse It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that an alcoholic will frequently neglect their spouse in favor of drinking. To someone who is addicted to alcohol, nothing is more

How To Maintain Your Recovery After You Leave Rehab After leaving rehab for alcoholism, it’s important to take steps to ensure that your treatment continues to be successful. Luckily, there are highly effective ways of preventing a relapse. Here are six things that can help you maintain recovery: 1. Spend Time With The Right People Friends and family members who care about you can provide emotional support, which is an extremely important part of preventing a relapse. Avoid spending time with individuals who could trigger you to go back to

What ADHD Support Options Are Available Today? Although its cause isn’t known, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects countless individuals. ADHD tends to manifest in children rather than adults. Not all children grow out of the disorder, though. Without a doubt, everyone that knows someone with ADHD is affected by that association. Dealing with this disorder is often challenging for everyone involved. Various forms of support are available for the patient, friends and family members today. ADHD Support Options For Individuals With ADHD Children and adults with minor ADHD don’t always

Key Things To Know About Teen ADHD What Is ADHD? Attention deficit disorder, or ADHD, is common in teens. In fact, it is estimated that eight to 10 percent of teens have attention deficit disorder. Teens who have this disorder may act impulsively, be hyperactive and struggle to pay attention or sit still. The symptoms of ADHD may actually be more pronounced in a teen than in a young child. What Are The Causes Of ADHD? Experts are still uncertain about the exact causes of attention hyperactive activity disorder. However,

Successfully Treating ADHD in Children Around 5.9 percent of children will be diagnosed with ADHD before they turn the age of 17. This mental disorder can result in daily frustrations for parents that will often struggle with the side effects of ADHD without ever realizing what is actually happening with their child. Every parent should not only understand some of the most common signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but also what their options are for effectively treating the condition and managing the symptoms. Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Key Facts About Adult ADHD Prevalence of ADHD In Adulthood Contrary to popular belief, ADHD is not a problem that only affects children. People who are diagnosed with ADHD when they are a child may still experience those symptoms when they are in adulthood. Additionally, some people are diagnosed with ADHD for the first time when they are an adult. It is estimated that 60 percent of adults who have ADHD also had the disorder when they were children. This condition affects about four percent of the adult population. However,

Symptoms that Lead to ADHD Diagnosis ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects approximately 11 percent of American children (6.4 million people). Symptoms of ADHD typically manifest by the age of 12, and are present in several different settings (for example, both school and home). There are two major categories of symptoms: Inattention, and Hyperactivity and Impulsivity. Read on to learn more about the ADHD symptoms that fall into each category. Inattention Symptoms To be diagnosed with ADHD, a child must show six or more of the following symptoms for

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