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A How-To Guide To Joint Health Keeping your joints healthy and strong is imperative for long-term mobility. Sadly, it also becomes harder to maintain over time due to natural wear and tear or an underlying complication. Here’s how you can build strong bones and joints with simple lifestyle modifications. Change Your Diet Fish, such as tuna and salmon, are great for protecting bones and joints due to their high omega-3 fat content, which fights inflammation. Nutritionists suggest at least 3 ounces of fish twice per week. To make it more

If You’re A Sloucher, You Could Be Harming Yourself Does the stress of the day always leave you slouching as if your spine is made of jelly? If you find yourself having difficulty standing up straight, you may be at risk for developing unhealthy joints! Standing Straight and Tall When you sink into your favorite chair at home and flip on the TV, you probably are doing anything but sitting up straight. If you find yourself a crumpled mess on the loveseat, you better think about straightening out your back.

Support Your Joints by Strengthening Your Muscles and Core You can support your joint health with a strength training program. By working the core and the peripheral muscles, these exercises bolster joint-stabilizing muscles and even make connective tissues sturdier. Here is a look at how this works and which exercises you can perform to reduce your risks of joint problems. The Link Between Core Strength and Joint Health Many people do not know that core strength involves more than just strong abs and back muscles. Within the abdomen and extending

Move Beyond Joint Pain: Targeted Stretches and Exercises to Help You Stay Active Whether you are a seasoned exerciser, or just thinking about becoming more active, you may find yourself sidelined by occasional shoulder, hip or knee pain. Joint pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including arthritis, injury from overuse, and the natural aging process. If you experience persistent joint pain that interferes with your daily activities, a visit to an orthopedic surgeon is probably in order to address the underlying cause. But for those mild yet

Fight Joint Pain Through Weight Loss If aches in your hips or back have ever forced you to slow down your life, then it may be time to think seriously about weight loss. The best method for fighting joint pain is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Statistically, the vast majority of Americans would benefit from losing a few pounds: Seventy percent of Americans are over-weight. One third of Americans report acute joint pain at least once a month. Every pound of body weight adds three or four pounds