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How to Stay Safe and Reduce Your Odds of Getting Cancer

Breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer are among the most common cancers that afflict Americans each year. Symptoms may include trouble breathing, lumps in the affected area of the body and tenderness in the area of a potential tumor. What are some ways that you can avoid cancer or catch it early enough to allow for effective treatment of the illness?

Go to the Doctor Regularly

The easiest way to catch cancer when it first forms is to visit your doctor for an annual physical. A physical exam will check your heart, lungs and other body parts to ensure that they are functioning properly and show no abnormalities. If they do, your physician can schedule further tests or schedule emergency surgery if necessary. Women who are over the age of 40 are urged to get a mammogram once or twice a year to check for breast cancer.

Avoid Excess Sunlight or Radiation

If you are outdoors on a regular basis, make sure that you wear sunscreen and avoid spending long periods of time outdoors during the middle of the day. In addition to cancer, you could get severe sunburns that could permanently damage your skin. Those who work in factories or other areas that contain high levels of radiation should ask for protective clothing or to work in protected areas to reduce the odds of getting sick due to radiation exposure.

Know Your Family History

Knowing your family history can help you stay vigilant when it comes to noticing the signs of cancer in your body. If your parents, aunts or uncles or your grandparents have had cancer, there is an elevated risk that you will also get it. Therefore, make sure to have any moles checked immediately or any skin lesions inspected by a doctor to ensure that you are not sick. Remember, you may not see any obvious signs of the disease until it is too late to treat or effectively contain.

While you never want to hear that you have cancer, you shouldn’t ignore the possibility that you may one day have it. By staying on top of your health, you can catch the cancer before it has a chance to spread or before it has spread too far to be effectively treated with surgery or chemotherapy.

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