Avoid Joint Pain by Watching Your Weight

Fight Joint Pain Through Weight Loss

If aches in your hips or back have ever forced you to slow down your life, then it may be time to think seriously about weight loss. The best method for fighting joint pain is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Statistically, the vast majority of Americans would benefit from losing a few pounds:

  • Seventy percent of Americans are over-weight.
  • One third of Americans report acute joint pain at least once a month.
  • Every pound of body weight adds three or four pounds to the joints, so ten pounds of fat means thirty pounds of stress to the knees.

With many options for dealing with pain, weight loss is among the most preferred by medical professionals. Unlike medications or other remedies, maintaining a healthy weight is the most natural and beneficial in your overall life. Living pain-free is only one of its benefits. You will also enjoy the happiness that comes from an active lifestyle and eating good food. A pain reliever may work for today, but living healthy is a permanent, long-term, solution.

Getting started with fighting weight can seem daunting to a beginner, and is only compounded by pain in your back, or hips. Be aware of which exercises will put more strain on the joints, and which ones will relieve pain.

  • Avoid running or other high impact sports. They will risk injuring knees or feet.
  • Cycling and swimming are both excellent activities that will not wear down the joints.
  • Easy exercises such as walking daily can help.

The key is that no matter what you do, make sure to reduce sedentary activity, such as sitting and watching TV.

Exercise composes only one half of the equation though. Eating healthily is important for any weight-loss plan. Remember that every cookie counts, and snacks should be reduced as much as possible. Try to eat fewer, more filling, meals rather than larger meals with lots of simple carbs. Instead of a bowl of sugary Cheerios, make some old fashioned oatmeal and yogurt.

Although weight loss poses a challenge in the beginning, the proper combination of diet and exercise can drastically reduce pain of the back, hips, and knees. Once free of pain, the overall happiness and quality of life will increase as well.

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