A Healthy Diet to Prevent Diabetes

Foods That Help Prevent Diabetes

Thousands of deaths are caused by diabetes each year. Fortunately, people can greatly cut their risk of diabetes by making wise food choices. Here is a list of nutritious foods to include in your diet:

Brown Rice

If you love rice, then you may want to consider choosing brown rice instead of white rice. Studies have shown that switching out white rice for brown rice can help cut the risk of diabetes. Brown rice is filled with whole grains. Whole grain-rich foods can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar.


Nuts are high in magnesium and fiber. Magnesium helps regulate many of the body’s necessary functions. It also helps control blood sugar. Fiber also helps people maintain a healthy blood sugar. Additionally, nuts can help protect the heart.

Even though nuts have many health benefits, it is important to watch your portion size. Nuts are filled with fat and calories. That is why experts recommend that you do not eat more than one handful a day.

Green Leafy Vegetables

There was a study done in 2008 that showed women who include more green vegetables in their diet can reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes. Green vegetables like kale and spinach are in calories and fat. Green veggies are also low-sugar foods. Not only can green veggies help prevent type 2 diabetes, but they can also help prevent you from gaining too much weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can help ward off many illnesses.


Dates are a great choice if you want a healthy snack to tame a sweet tooth. These fruits are filled with fiber and other antioxidants. In fact, you can get four grams of fiber from seven dates.

Dairy Products

Dairy product consumption is a subject of controversy. Many people believe that it should be avoided completely. However, many studies have confirmed the health benefits of dairy products. One study showed that men who consumed dairy products were at a lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Another study done showed that dairy products can help ward off a condition called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

Olive Oil

Studies have shown that people can ward off diabetes by boosting the good fats. Good oils, such as olive oil, are filled with good fats. Olive oil is also high in antioxidants that help protect against other illnesses.

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